EOCP Announcements

2018 EOCP Conference

The EOCP’s inaugural tradeshow and conference is over, but we have lots of memories and presentations to share.  Visit https://eocp.ca/eocp-conference/ to see what’s available (as more resources are sent in, this information will be updated).  Please also mark 14-16 September 2020 in your calendars for #EOCP2020!

Respecting our Past, Embracing our Future

The 2017 Annual Report for the EOCP is now available online, where you can read about our highlights for the year.

This year’s annual report also marks the launch of our ambitious Customer Relationship Management system, as well as major strides with several other initiatives.  Read the full report here and access the full financial statements here.

Hot Off The Presses

The Summer 2018 issue of the Operator Digest is available now. We have created a PDF version of the Digest that can be accessed on our website.

View the Digest!

The 2018 – 2019 Board of Directors

You can check out the new Board of Directors by clicking here!

Upcoming Events