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The Winter 2024 issue of the Operator Digest is available now. We have created a PDF version of the Digest that can be accessed on our website.

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EOCP Conference 2023

The EOCP’s 2023 Annual Conference is now over! Our conference provided learning opportunities for water and wastewater sector professionals on innovative solutions and new insights to foster the prudent management of water and wastewater in British Columbia and Yukon.

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The EOCP Operator Video Series is available on YouTube – Find out what Operators do!

More information on educational institutions that have Operator training programs:

Bragging Rights

It isn’t always easy to specify in your email signature or your business cards the credentials that you have worked so hard for.  So, the EOCP trademarked CWP and CWWP – Certified Water Professional, and Certified Wastewater Professional. These are provided to you to use as long as you are certified by the EOCP in SWS, SWWS, WT, WD, WWC, and/or WWT. An example of how you can use this is (Krista has SWS, SWWS, WT, WD, and WWC certifications):

Building Water Systems Courses Now Listed!

Training Providers for BWS Courses continue to become recognized by EOCP. BWS Courses can currently be found in the CRM by the below links (we will update this as more become available):

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