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The Fall 2019 issue of the Operator Digest is available now. We have created a PDF version of the Digest that can be accessed on our website.

View the Digest!

2020 EOCP Dues Reminder

The 2020 Dues Invoices will be sent out in Mid-November 2019 – keep an eye on your emails for the invoice and login to the CRM to access a copy.

As per our January, 23, 2019 mass notification to all Operators, Administrators, and Supervisor contacts – through its 53-year history, the EOCP has been working diligently advocating for Operators, and developing a world-class classification and certification program.

The EOCP has managed to continue this work without any increase in membership dues for more than 10 years.  However, due to an increase in costs, an increase in services provided to its membership, and to ensure sustainability of the organization, in accordance with Article 11 of the Constitution and Bylaws the membership dues will be increasing to $99 per year.

The new dues are applicable to OIT and Level I to IV Operators, and will come into effect for 2020.  Dues for other designations, e.g. SWS, SWWS, etc., will not be increasing at this time.

CRM Webinars with the EOCP Team!

Do you need assistance using the EOCPs online system? Looking for a walkthrough with the helpful EOCP Team as your guide?

After much planning and hard work, the largest project ever undertaken by the EOCP, the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is now fully operational.  To ensure that all EOCP stakeholders know how to navigate the CRM, the EOCP is holding several webinars:

Webinar for CRM Basics/Exam Applications, 1:30 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.

The EOCP Team will also have additional webinars over the Summer, so stay tuned for more information on:

  • How to Complete a Facility Classification
  • How to Apply for an Exam
  • How to Register as a Course Provider and Submit your Course Information

Sign up for a webinar to learn how to navigate the EOCP’s CRM system and update your information. Please pre-register for these webinars by emailing eocp@eocp.ca with your requested date!

2018 EOCP Conference

The EOCP’s inaugural tradeshow and conference is over, but we have lots of memories and presentations to share.  Visit http://eocp.ca/eocp-conference/ to see what’s available (as more resources are sent in, this information will be updated).  Please also mark 14-16 September 2020 in your calendars for #EOCP2020!

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