FEES (please note that GST will be added to all fees listed)

Examination Fees
Fee Type Amount Description
Application Fee $25 Charge included on all exam applications
BWD/SWS/SWWS Exam $50 Bulk Water Delivery / Small Water System / Small Wastewater System
OIT Exam $100 Operator in Training – Includes all 4 disciplines
Level I – IV Exam $150 All level I – IV exams in all disciplines
MU I and MU II Exam $150 Multi Utility exams in all disciplines
Exam Rescheduling Fee $50 Includes cancellations or rescheduling requests less than 7 days prior to your scheduled exam date


Annual Membership Dues
Type Amount Description
Operators $60 Operators certified as SWS, SWWS or BWD Only
Operators $99 Operators certified as OIT and Level I – IV

Note: If you are certified in more than one discipline, you pay only the higher fee.
i.e. If you hold both SWS and Level I certifications, your annual association dues are $99


Other Fees
Type Amount Description
Reciprocity Application Fee $195 For certified Operators from another province – includes application fee
Certificate Replacement Fee $15 Lost certificates and Multi Utility certificate upgrades
Career/Job & Marketplace Posting $150 Posted on the EOCP Website, Twitter, and Facebook
Instructor Assessment Fee $50 For new instructors to EOCP CMS
Adding Instructor to Existing Course $5 For existing recognized instructors and courses
Course/Special Assessment Fee $125 For Conferences and special events
Private Exam Administration Fee $200 For EOCP staff to travel to requested location, minimum 6 examinees


Facility System Classification Fees
Type Amount Description
Classification for Water Systems $50 Water Distribution, Water Treatment, Small Water Systems
Classification for WWC Systems $50 Wastewater Collection Systems
Classification for SWWS $100 Small Wastewater Systems
Classification for WWT See Below Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems
Wastewater Treatment Systems
Flow (m3/d) <1,000 1,000 to <2,000 2,000 to <5,000 5,000 to <14,000 14,000 to <50,000 ≥50,000
Fees $100 $100 $200 $400 $800 $1,600