FEES (please note that GST will be added to all fees listed)

Examination Fees
Fee Type Amount Description
Application Fee $25 Charge included on all exam applications
BWD/SWS/SWWS Exam $50 Bulk Water Delivery / Small Water System / Small Wastewater System
OIT/ BWS $100 Operator in Training–Includes all four disciplines / Building Water Systems
Level I – IV Exam $150 All level I – IV exams in all disciplines
MU I and MU II Exam $150 Multi Utility exams in all disciplines
Exam Rescheduling Fee $75 Includes cancellations or rescheduling requests less than seven days before your scheduled exam date.
Annual Membership Dues
Type Amount Description
Operators $70 Operators certified as SWS, SWWS, or BWD Only
Operators $99 Operators certified as OIT
Operators $179 Operators certified as BWS and Level I – IV

Note: You pay only the higher fee if you are certified in multiple disciplines.
i.e. If you hold both SWS and Level I certifications, your annual association dues are $179

Facility System Classification Fees

An annual fee invoice is issued on July 1st to all classified facilities.  The following table outlines the fees based on facility type and level.

Facility Level WT WD WWC WWT
I $100 $100 $100 $100
II $200 $200 $200 $200
III $300 $300 $300 $300
IV $400 $400 $400 $400
Other Fees
Type Amount Description
Classification for Small Water Systems $50 For the classification of water systems, treatment, and distribution for less than 500 people
Classification for SWWS $100 For the classification of Wastewater systems, collection, and treatment for less than 500 people
Reciprocity Application Fee $299 For certified Operators from another province – it includes an application fee
Certificate Replacement Fee $15 Lost certificates and Multi Utility certificate upgrades
Career / Job Posting $150 Posted on the EOCP Website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
Instructor Assessment Fee $50 For new instructors to EOCP CMS
Course/Special Assessment Fee $125 For Conferences and special events
Private Exam Administration Fee $200 For EOCP staff to travel to the requested location – minimum of six examinees