The EOCP Board of Directors

The Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP) is incorporated as a not-for profit society under the Societies Act of British Columbia and as such must have a constitution and by-laws that outline the mode of operation of the society including its governance structure.  The constitution and by-laws, first written in 1981 and revised twice since indicate that the members of the society, the certified Operators, shall elect all members of a Board of nine (9) Directors from specified backgrounds within the water and wastewater industry.

Potential members of the Board shall be nominated by members of the society in accordance with the constitution and by-laws and the Program’s Elections Policies and Procedure.

Meet the Candidates!

All EOCP certified Operators are eligible to vote between the 13th of July and the 14th of August.

Click on the photo to view each candidate’s statement.

Administrator Position:

Benjamin Kineshanko

Ravi Boyal

Marc Viloria

Member at Large Position:

Darryl Bjorgaard

Rob Fleming

Operator Serving a Small Community Position:

Barnett Stewart (acclaimed)

Board of Directors for 2022 – 2023

Chris Kerman, Chair

Tara Macrae, Chair-Elect

Natasha Cvenkel, Treasurer

Rob Birtles, Secretary

Allison O’Neill, Director

Ben Kineshanko, Director

Chris Ford, Director

Jim McQuarrie, Director

Mike Firlotte, Director