The Career Management System (CMS) is built into the EOCP Customer Relationship Manager and is set up to provide a means for those with the skills and experience to gain acceptance as Instructors and Training Organizations and for acceptance of their courses.

There are four separate streams for applications to be made to the CMS, namely:

  1. Instructor Application
  2. Training Organization Application (includes post-secondary Institutions)
  3. Course Application (includes Distance Education and Special Events)
  4. Add Instructor Application (an application to match Recognized Instructors to Recognized Courses developed by others)

To access the Course Application, you need to be either a Recognized Instructor or a Primary Contact for a Recognized Training Organization in the EOCP CRM.

To start your personal Instructor Application, please register a profile in the EOCP CRM at Once logged in, select ACTION > Apply to be an Instructor.

To begin your Training Organization Application, please contact the EOCP Office at to get started.



Originally known as the Training Registry, the initial concept that spurred the development of the EOCP Career Management System (CMS) was the development of a system that would enable experienced people who are teaching in the Water and Wastewater Industry across the Province of BC and Yukon to become Instructors through the development of short courses to be offered to fellow Operators. Those completing the courses would then qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

The CMS grew to address all Instructor and training-based applications received by the Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP). It has also broadened to include tools to support anyone looking to get training and give training recognized for CEUs including Training Organizations. In addition, tools were developed to help with career path development for Operators.

One of the key elements of the CMS was the establishment of a Peer Review mechanism that is independent of the administrative aspects of the program and to provide a consistent approach to evaluation of all training opportunities. This has been accomplished by creating a group of Career Management System Subject Matter Experts (CMS-SMEs) who will do all assessments and make their recommendations for inclusion of Instructors, Training Organizations, and Courses. In this way, all trainers, training providers, and courses have been evaluated by the same group of independent experts who will provide the level of care necessary to establish consistency of training opportunities throughout the Province.


General Principals of the Career Management System

  • The CMS is set up to provide a means for those with the skills and experience to gain acceptance as Instructors and Training Organizations and for acceptance of their courses.
  • Operators in need of training can then use the CMS to find and contact potential Instructors and Training Organizations.
  • The CMS will clearly display the core and related allocated for all EOCP Recognized Courses.
  • The CMS is centered on the peer review of all applications by Subject Matter Experts (CMS-SMEs).
  • The EOCP plays no role in coordinating training, nor will it receive benefit from any of the financial arrangements that may occur between the Training Organization or Instructor and the training purchaser.
  • The CMS shall operate on a cost recovery base, with fees established by the EOCP Board and reviewed from time to time to cover the known and projected administrative, maintenance, and upgrading costs associated with operation of all components of the CMS.
  • Click here to view associated CMS Fees.