EOCP Corporate Recognition Award

About the Award

The Environmental Operators Certification Program has become a leading water and wastewater Operator certification and facility classification agency in North America.  It has done so through the tireless dedication of volunteer Board members and their supportive employers, the support and encouragement of the Ministries, municipalities, and other employers of certified Operators, and the diligence of the Operators themselves.  This award recognizes the support given by these employers.

To submit for the Corporate Recognition Award – Download the Form here.

Brian Thorburn Student Scholarship

About the Award

This award is named in honour of Brian Thorburn, a stalwart champion of the EOCP who was presented with the Bert Caine award in 2018.  Each year, the EOCP will award three scholarships, worth $2,500 for one student each from BCIT, Okanagan College, and Thompson Rivers University in Brian’s memory.

To submit for the Brian Thorburn Student Scholarship – Download the Form here.

Bert Caine Award

About the Award

The Bert Caine Award is presented by the Environmental Operators Certification Program in recognition of outstanding, long term service to the certification program.

Recipients of the Bert Caine Award are:
  • 2023 Darryl Bjorgaard
  • 2022 Bob Smith
  • 2021 Pat Miller
  • 2020 Jim McQuarrie
  • 2018 Brian Thorburn
  • 2013 Mike Gosselin
  • 2007 Dave Bain
  • 2007 Joe McGowan
  • 2001 Eric Jackson
  • 2000 Bill Hyslop
  • 1991 Robert Wilson
  • 1989 Bert Caine

EOCP Innovation Award

About the Award

This award recognizes an individual or organization who has come up with solutions and applied new ways of thinking that positively transform the water and wastewater industry.

Examples of innovation are problem solving, productivity and communication.

To submit for the Innovation Award – Download the Form here.

EOCP Operator of the Year Award

About the Award

This award recognizes Operators who are dedicated to the field of water and wastewater.  They go above and beyond doing a good job; they volunteer to help others, they make presentations, they serve on committees, all while doing the things that are necessary to be considered “good at their job”.

  • The nominee must be a member of good standing of the EOCP.
  • The nominee must have provided exemplary service in water or wastewater operations over an extended period of time.

To submit for the Operator of the Year Award – Download the Form here.

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