A certified operator is the most valuable resource in a water and/or wastewater system. With the water and wastewater employees properly certified, the public, the corporation, regulatory agencies, owners and managers, and peers can be confident that the certified employee has the skills, knowledge, abilities, experience, and judgement necessary to competently perform his/her job.

Certified employees can maximize the performance of water and wastewater facilities, which will in turn minimize health risks and environmental concerns, optimize the costs of operations, protect the investment in infrastructure, and provide greater return on the utility’s or industry’s capital investment.

Certifying the water and/or wastewater operator establishes his/her job as a profession. Certification provides a means of recognition to peers, owners and managers, and the public. Certification has resulted in improved safety and reduced accident rates for the certified operator as well as improved compliance with water and pollution control legislation and regulations. Certification also enhances career opportunities for certified operators and aids employers in hiring, promoting, and establishing salary levels based on certification.