To apply for a EOCP Certification exam, you will need to login to your CRM profile to access the online application process.

The Certification Program has examinations in each of the following categories:

  • Water Treatment (Level I through IV)
  • Water Distribution (Level I through IV)
  • Wastewater Collection (Level I through IV)
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment (Level I through IV)
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment (Level I through IV)
  • Multi Utility (Level I & II)
  • Small Water System
  • Bulk Water Delivery
  • Small Wastewater System (Mechanical, Lagoon)
  • Operator in Training (WT, WD, WWC, WWT)

Certification Exam SessionAll applications to write certification exams should be made using the form supplied by the Certification Board.  This form provides the candidate an opportunity to demonstrate that he/she possess the requisite combination of education and experience to qualify for certification.  Applications to write examinations should be submitted no later than three weeks prior to the examination session.  After the information provided by the candidate has been reviewed, he/she will be informed of their eligibility/ineligibility to write a certification examination.

Order your high school transcripts here: http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/education-training/k-12/support/transcripts-and-certificates/transcripts

Eligible candidates will pay the following fees prior to writing the examination:

  • There is a $25.00 application fee that is to be paid at the time the application is submitted
  • Examination fee $150 ($75 for Small System Operators)
  • Annual dues if certified for the first time.  $70 for WT, WD, WWC, MWWT, IWWT $60 for SWS, SWWS, BWD
  • Plus applicable taxes

Examination sessions are held at times and places set by the Certification Board, with a suitable advance announcement. Examinations may also be written at the Board Office, and special arrangements can be made through the EOCP office to write with members of the Certification Board.

The passing grade on each examination is 70%. Examinees writing WT, WD, MWWT,  WWC, SWS & SWWS exams, will be provided with an individual report identifying his/her performance on the exam.  Each report lists the total number of questions answered correctly by the examinee out of the total number of questions.  The profile includes the topics on the exam which enables the examinee to identify areas for further study.

Any examinee may rewrite a failed exam 30 days after writing an exam that they receive a mark of 69% or less.

Candidates who achieve a passing grade of 70% shall be issued a suitable certificate designating his/her competency. The certificate shall state the certified individual’s name, the certification level, date of issuance and the official certificate number. The certificate shall be permanent unless revoked for cause, replaced by one of a higher level or invalidated. Any certified operator who desires to become certified in a higher level or different category must satisfactorily complete the requirements of that level or category before being eligible to write an exam.

Photo Identification Required to Write Exams

Please ensure you bring valid government issued photo identification with you to your exam. The invigilator will be checking I.D. before your exam can be given to you.

Valid government issued photo I.D.’s are:

  • Valid drivers licence
  • BC Services card
  • Passport

Exam Writing Policy

Click Here to view EOCP’s Exam Writing Policy.

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Did you know you can take practice tests online?

Take practice tests online by clicking on http://www.abccert.org/testing_services/sample_exam_questions.asp
Sample exam questions give you an online resource to prepare for your exam. In preparation for taking a certification exam, review the following questions as a sample of the type of questions covered. While these sample questions are not duplicated on any exam and they are not necessarily representative of current exam content, they will allow you to familiarize yourself with a certification exam format.

Although EOCP tries to assure the accuracy of all information here, you should confirm all information.