Stormwater Collection System Certification

By 08/11/2022July 17th, 2023Operator Digest

Stormwater Collection System Certification

By Kalpna Solanki CPHI(C) BSc MBA and Chandana Sundar BTech MEng

Necessity dictates that Stormwater Collection is treated as a separate utility and we are already seeing examples of these across BC. But who is managing these stormwater systems?

Invariably we are seeing two groups who are typically working in this area. The first is EOCP-certified Wastewater Collection Operators and the second is people from the labourer pool. Unfortunately, both can result in some problems. The former because it utilizes WWC Operators who may already be in short supply, the latter because the labourer pool would not have the training needed to manage the increasingly complex stormwater collection system.

Training and certification are necessary for a Stormwater Collection Systems Operator as they must consider different attributes. For example, SCS Operators are required to work for a more extensive system, understand retention pond, tackle contamination, etc.

With the increase in the number of heavy rainfall events, and their severity, the time has come for certified professional to work in this area. This is where the EOCP’s new Stormwater Collection System Certification comes in. By enhancing certification and training, the staff can devote more resources to the creation of better stormwater management controls that are needed more than ever with the changing climate.

Pre-requisites for the Stormwater Collection System (SCS) Operator certification, and ongoing requirements to maintain the certification are:

  1. Completion of an accredited SCS course
    • Course would be at least 2 days long, at minimum 1.2 CEUs
    • Course is still being developed
  2. Examination:
    • Web-based or Paper
    • $100
    • 50 Questions
    • 1.5 hours long
  3. Maintaining Certification:
    • Payment of EOCP annual dues ($99).
    • Completion of 1.2 CEUs (core and related) in every two-year reporting period. (first reporting period would be 1st January 2024 to 31st December 2025)

We will keep you apprised of when the courses and application process go live.  Keep in mind that the bodies of water your community’s stormwater systems drain to, could be the source of another community’s drinking water. We need to work together.

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