Message From The Directors and Staff

By 03/01/2018 May 24th, 2018 Operator Digest

2017 was a year of numerous changes at the EOCP, the most notable being the launch of the EOCP’s new Customer Relationship Management System – the largest project ever undertaken by the EOCP. With the launch of the new CRM system, we are now able to:

  1. Store data electronically
  2. Track, manage and report on EOCP Operators throughout the full lifecycle of their interaction with the EOCP;
  3. Collect and process Continuing Education Units;
  4. Improve the interaction with Operators through an up-to-date design and web interaction;
  5. Provide workflow and status tracking;
  6. Manage facilities, employers, and owners;
  7. Collect Operator dues and facility fees;
  8. Provide roll-up reporting and exception reporting to various levels;
  9. Provide enhanced data security and data access – in the event of fire/ flood/earthquake; and
  10. Provide support to integrate with the EOCP’s accounting system.

Fast on the heels of the launch of the CRM system, work began on the planning of the EOCP Conference. Yes, you read that correctly! 9-11 September 2018 will be the EOCP’s first-ever Tradeshow and Conference at the Marriott Pinnacle in downtown Vancouver. ENQUIRE–LEARN–APPLY is the theme of the EOCP’s tradeshow and conference that is being designed by Operators for Operators.

We will have more information on this event via emails and online. We encourage you to come early, and/or stay late, and take in the sights and sounds of Vancouver!

2017 was also the year of fires and floods, with both complicating the work of Operators. Page 6 covers the impact of floods on the City of West Kelowna, an event that had a very high level of involvement by Parks, Public Works, Fire and Rescue, as well as many from City Hall who provided support.

Flood events seem to be increasing in severity with every passing year, so in this issue we include articles on stormwater management and the need for stormwater utilities to provide a comprehensive look at this problem and propose solutions.

2017 also marked the start of the rollout of the EOCP’s new Facility/System Classification models involving the first major change in classification processes in more than 20 years! Work will continue on the reclassification of facilities and systems through 2018 and 2019, and an update is presented on page 17.

We have enjoyed working with you through 2017, and look forward to building on stakeholder relations through 2018!

Rob Fleming, Chair
Kalpna Solanki, Chief Executive Officer