Water Distribution – Level 1-2 @ MTS Training Center
Dec 11 – Dec 15 all-day

Water Distribution Level 1 & 2

Length: 4.5 day(s)
Times: 8:00am to 4:30pm
CEUS: 3.0
Fee: $1010.1

This 4.5 day course combines the introductory and second level water distribution disciplines, providing the basic knowledge and advanced appreciation of water distribution practices. Focusing on the practical aspects of construction, operation and maintenance of water distribution systems. Recommended for operators who maintain a facility classified as WD-I / II.

The course is followed by an EOCP examination for categories such as Water Distribution OIT, Level 1 or 2.

**Note: Certification exams require separate application 3 weeks in advance. Please contact the Environmental Operator Certification Program to register**

Wastewater Collections Level I and II @ Mary Winspear Centre
Dec 12 – Dec 14 all-day

Course covers material suitable for new operators as well as those who require a refresher before attempting the Level I or Level II certification exam. Please visit for more details.

2017 Spartan University @ Prince George Conference and Civic Centre
Dec 14 @ 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Please join our industry and technology specialists as they explore a variety of topics focused on Innovative Industry Solutions and Process Automation Best Practices.

7:00am – 8:00am
Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:00am – 4:30pm
Education Seminars throughout the day.
Lunch to be provided.

21 Education Seminars are being offered – to view the complete list of seminars and their descriptions
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Seminar Listing

Chlorine Handling and Disinfection Processes @ MTS Training Center
Jan 8 – Jan 12 all-day

Length: 4.5 day(s)

Times: 8:00am to 4:30pm

CEUs: 2.4

Fee: $1010.1


This 4.5 day course is designed for the operators who are or will be responsible for the operations of the disinfection process or processes. This hands-on and theoretical study course will provide the operator with a complete understanding, and the ability to apply and analyze the purpose, procedures, mathematical equations, operation and maintenance of the disinfection processes (existing, new or up and coming) for water and wastewater systems through classroom study and hands-on labs. Course topics are:

  1. Disinfection Basics   – Re-enforce the principles of disinfection
  2. Chlorine – Understand the principles, application and safety aspects of chlorine gas
  3. Chlorine Compounds – Identify and understand the concepts and applications for chlorine compound
  4. Ultra Violet – Understand the principles, application and safety aspects of ultraviolet
  5. Ozonation – Discuss the principles, application and safety aspects of Ozonation
  6. Additional Processes – Discuss and identify the other processes that are utilized for disinfection
Water Distribution Level 1 & 2 @ Yukon College, Ayamdigut Campus
Jan 8 – Jan 12 all-day

This 4.5 day course is designed to prepare the participants to write their Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP) exam for Water Distribution Level 1 or 2 (required by the Yukon Government Drinking Water Regulation).

The course provides a basic knowledge of water distribution practices and focuses on the practical aspects of system construction, operation and maintenance

This course is especially recommended for prospective or Level 1 Water Distribution operators, and is relevant to health professionals, supervisors, technicians and homeowners involved and/or interested in water quality.

Accepted as Core for WD – SWS – For 3.00 CEUs
Provider: Yukon College

This course is typically offered every year at Ayamdigut.

Attendees need to bring steel toed boots

Building Sustainable Small Water Systems Workshop – Squamish @ Howe Sound Inn, Garibaldi Room
Jan 10 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

This locally-delivered workshop will introduce you to the challenges and responsibilities of your role, help you to assess potential risk areas within your system, and highlight additional tools and resources to help you identify and address these risks.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. To raise awareness, enhance your knowledge, foster supportive linkages (people & resources) and formulate initial “beginning step” improvement actions aimed at increasing technical, managerial and financial capacity of small water systems.
  2. To encourage “informed decision making” that advances financial sustainability, operational resilience and public safety.
  3. Network and connect with others facing similar challenges, benefit from their experiences, and share your expertise.


Date: Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Time: 9:00 am to 4:30pm Location: Garibaldi Room, Howe Sound Inn, 37801 Cleveland Avenue, BC

Details: No fee, morning coffee & lunch provided

EOCP Credit: Accepted as Core for WD – WT – SWS – For 0.60 CEUs

Workshop Agenda:
Water Treatment 101
Why it Matters – The Cost of Getting it Wrong Some
Key Factors Impacting Success
The Regulatory Landscape
The Role of Operators
Capacity Building Areas for Sustainable Systems
Self-Assessment of Water Utility Performance
Improve Outcomes Through Prioritization Resources and Additional Improvement Areas
Individual Action Plan

To register, please complete & return the workshop registration form by Friday, January 5th to Ashifa Dhanani at  or by fax at: 604-433-9859.

Emergency Response Plan Development @ MTS Training Center
Jan 23 all-day

Emergency Response Plan Development

Length: 1 day(s)
Times: 8:00am to 4:30pm
CEUS: 0.6
Fee: $310.10
This is a 1 day session combining an interactive discussion about Emergency Response Planning and reviewing the development of proper procedures, protocol, contact list, and distribution of the Plans. Group activities will include review and development of actual ERP’s. The combined result will be a thorough knowledge of the development & maintenance process as well as a rough draft of a tailored water system ERP. Attendees are encouraged to bring their existing ERP manual for review, comparison and updating.
Rainwater Harvesting Certification Workshop @ Echo Park Field House
Jan 23 @ 8:00 am – Jan 24 @ 4:00 pm

This two-day workshop provides an in-depth review of rainwater harvesting design and installation and is open to anyone with an interest in rainwater harvesting. This workshop is a prerequisite for anyone intending to pursue RWH certification through ASSE and is part of the ARCSA professional training program.

Topics include:

  • Outdoor and in-home rainwater use
  • Sanitation for potable uses
  • Rules and regulations
  • Site installation and safety
  • System construction and maintenance
  • Project planning and management

Please check more information on this event at

Maintenance Management Program Development @ MTS Training Center
Jan 24 all-day
Maintenance Management Program Development @ MTS Training Center | Vernon | British Columbia | Canada

Maintenance Management Program Development

Length: 1 day(s)
Times: 8:00am to 4:30pm
CEUS: 0.6
Fee: $310.10

The Maintenance Management Program Development course is a 1 day program where MTS provides a Maintenance Management template to be tailored during the operator training session. The concept is to provide the operators a tool to begin the development of a community specific distribution inventory and a maintenance management program. The template & training includes:

  • System mapping (drawn by hand during session) or review of current maps
  • Valve exercising & record keeping (inventory & location of all valves)
  • Reservoir cleaning
  • Flushing (create a flow map during class and establish a logical order for flushing)
  • Hydrant maintenance (establish hydrant inventory and maintenance records)
  • Sampling (record keeping)
  • Cl2 sampling (record keeping)
  • ERP draft
  • Cross Connection program update
  • Confined Space inventory update
Supervisory Skills for Operators (Essentials of Effective Supervision) @ MTS Training Center
Jan 25 – Jan 26 all-day
Supervisory Skills for Operators (Essentials of Effective Supervision) @ MTS Training Center | Vernon | British Columbia | Canada

Supervisory Skills for Operators (Essentials of Effective Supervision)

Length: 2 day(s)
Times: 8:00am to 4:30pm
CEUS: 1.2
Fee: $310.10

This two day workshop is ideal for current or aspiring supervisors in a public works environment. Participants will examine topics ranging from supervisory styles, challenges making the transition from ’employee’ to ‘supervisor’, how to set performance standards, effective communication for various audiences, what progressive discipline means and how it is applied, and what due diligence looks like in the contemporary workplace. Activities include examples of actual workplace issues that face supervisors of all operations, large, small and in between.

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