The Operator Top Ops Challenge took place on April 21, 2013 at the BCWWA Conference in Kelowna.


There was a great turn out with 6 teams participating, and a large crowd gathered to watch the challenge. It was moderated by Shawn Sanders, from MTS Maintenance Training Systems Inc, who is also an EOCP Board member.


We would like to thank everyone who took part, your participation helped to make it the success it was. We would also like to congratulate the top 3 teams.


Photos Courtesy of the BCWWA

Top Ops Winners

1st Place: Capital Regional District
Steve Whipps
Jason Dales
John Ranns

2nd Place: District of Lake Country
Bryan Mazda
Davin Larsen
Jeff Coombs

3rd Place: Regional District of Nanaimo
Heather Dorken
Sean Mercer
Kris Hagen


We encourage you to participate in the challenge next year at the 2014 BCWWA Conference.


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