EOCP Operator of the Year Award

About the Award

For years it has been recognized that there a few Operators in BC and Yukon who go above and beyond doing a good job; they provide an example for others of the many facets of being an Operator, particularly in supporting the activities of other Operators. They take extra training, they make the extra effort to support their fellow Operators, and teach others what they have learned through many years of working in the field. Often they encourage others to become more involved including attending training opportunities and pushed certification long before it was mandatory. They go out of their way to help everyone in the water and wastewater field, often at the expense of their own advancement or what would otherwise be their own personal time. They volunteer to help others, they make presentations, they serve on committees, all while doing the things that are necessary to be considered “good at their job”.

2014 Operator of the Year Recipient

John Kalinczuk, Water Resource Manager/ Chief Operator with the City of Dawson Creek

The 2014 EOCP Operator of the Year Award is being presented to John Kalinczuk, Water Resource Manager/ Chief Operator with the City of Dawson Creek. John currently holds WT IV, WD IV, WWT II, and WWC I. He is now pursuing his WWC II certification.

John was nominated by a peer who wrote that he “consistently goes the extra mile to not only succeed in his role, but to help those under his supervision fulfill their goals. He continues to play an advocacy role for the health of the surrounding watershed through public tours, education and awareness campaigns as well as presentations to City Council. Not only is John constantly looking to advance his knowledge through additional certifications, I have also known many personnel under his direct supervision who valued his leadership and supportive management technique to help them fulfill their goals. This often included him encouraging those employees to seek further certifications or gain experience in different roles throughout the water system.”

We congratulate John for demonstrating his passion and commitment, and also for his continued support for EOCP.

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 Nominations Sought:

The EOCP Board is seeking nominations for the Operator of the Year award.

  • The nominee must be a member of good standing of the EOCP.
  • The nominee must have provided exemplary service in water or wastewater operations over an extended period of time.

Requests for nominations can be sent to eocp@eocp.ca

Vic Terry Award 2011 Recipient:

Vic Terry Recipient Don Gare

Don Gare is an EOCP Certified Operator who has worked in the industry for over 30 years.  In addition to having worked his way up to a position in utility management, he has been actively involved in Operator training and has spent over 15 years on the EOCP Board of Directors including six years as Secretary of the Board and even longer as the newsletter editor.

Don looked after the website for many years and was involved in many other aspects of board activity.  Thanks for all the hard work over the years Don!

Past Vic Terry Award Recipients:

2014: Darrell Bennett
2014 : Daniel Gaudet
2013 : NaTai Perdue
2012 : Senja Kylmala
2012 : Johnny Smith
2011 : Don Gare

2010: Mike Firlotte
2009 : Eric Jackson
2008 : James Toma
2007 : Bernie Morris
2006 : Greg Mealing
2005 : Sandy MacKenzie
2004 : Dennis Dugas
2003 : Maitland Smith
2002 : Jim McQuarrie
2001 : Louie Sabbas
2000 : Errol Franson

1999 : Dave Sivyer
1998 : Norm Gobbi
1997 : John Tailford
1996 : Dave McLean
1995 : Glen Dunville
1994 : No Award
1993 : Norm Staff
1992 : No Award
1991 : No Award
1990 : Rod McCabe
1989 : Norm Burow

1988 : Bernie Udala
1987 : Leo Albrecht
1986 : H. Scott Lee
1985 : Ted McDowell
1984 : Lloyd Scrimshaw
1983 : David Bain
1982 : Graeme Faris
1981 : Richard Morris
1980 : Gerry Stevens
1979 : Dale Cannon
1978 : Robert Wilson


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