The EOCP Elections for Board Directors run from 8:00 a.m. on the 16th of April to 4:00 p.m. on the 16th of May. Operators Certified by the EOCP are eligible to vote for three candidates according to the following criteria.

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EOCP Certified Operator

One position to be filled by a member who is an EOCP Certified Operator:

Krista Derrickson (Incumbent)

Christopher Kerman, AScT, PO

Doug Regehr

Water, Waste, or Wastewater Operations

One position to be filled by a person who is, or has been, employed in an administrative capacity in a local, regional, provincial or federal government agency directly involved in the water, waste, or wastewater operations field:

Rob Fleming, Dip Tech, CPHI (C) (Incumbent)

Darcy Dragonetti, AScT

Training of Water, Waste, or Wastewater Operators

One position to be filled by a person who is or has been a faculty or staff member at a post-secondary education institution whose major field of activity is in the training of water, waste, or wastewater Operators:

Allison McMillan, P.Eng., M.Ed.

Satwinder Paul, B.Sc, M.EVDS.

Only EOCP Certified Operators are eligible to vote – please use the link sent in your email and vote via the Customer Relationship Management system.